As a young boy, Jeff was always a clever child with a very over active imagination. Many times in school he was caught daydreaming instead of working on his assignments. As a child he had a lot of imaginary friends who would keep him company as he played out stories in his head. He was always creating different characters. In high school, he was involved in the drama department where he got to act out other characters and learned how to put depth into his own characters.

After high school, Jeff joined the Navy, where in his spare time he would put his characters onto paper and write out his stories. He spent the next thirty years learning to write and honing his craft. A couple of those stories have made it through today and are among his published works.

A friend described Jeff's mind as "a strange and fertile place." Fertile as a lot of ideas have grown to fruition and strange because you never know what was going to come next. Sometimes he drew inspiration from the most unlikely places.

It is hard to classify Jeff as a single genre writer. He wrote some children's stories but was not a children's writer. He wrote a western,
a modern mythical fantasy, a Christian faith-based story as well as
other fiction stories. Jeff was just a good storyteller at heart.

After an extended illness, Jeff passed away in February, 2019. His son remembers, "He always stressed to me from a young age the importance of having and using your imagination. . . I'll miss his
overall goofiness that always kept me smiling. . . "

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