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Self-publishing Assistance
Want to publish your own work? We're self-publishers and have researched a lot of the self-publishing companies and can offer assistance for your particular need.

Formatting and Pagination
We'll take your work--hard copy or file--and format it to the specifications you need for a print, eBook or Kindle.

Book Cover Design
Your concept to realization of an attention grabbing cover.

Proofreading and Editing Assistance
Spelling and grammar checkers just aren't usually enough. Your work deserves a trained, fresh set of eyes to ensure it's perfect.

Website and Social Media Presence
Web presence is essential for any business in today's world. We can design as well as maintain your website and provide you assistance in social networking.

Digital Image Repair or Enhancement
Let us digitally restore those photos that have been damaged or have aged. We can also enhance ones you just know can look better or prepare your images for your publication.

Tina Boldt, heads production and promotion at Boldtworks. She has over three decades of professional printing industry experience. She’s worked for such companies as R.R. Donnelley Book Group and Courier Corporation who specialize in traditional book manufacturing and print on demand work. She ran Boldtworks Solutions LLC which provided consulting, training and other services to graphic arts, manufacturing and marketing companies.

Her proficiency in software coupled with real-life production experience, is an asset to your special project. When you add self-publishing experience to marketing and web design expertise, her package of skills uniquely qualifies her to help you. Examples of her work are Jeff's books.

Sounds Great . . . What's the Cost?

You need to get things done as cost effectively as possible and appreciate the value of having them done correctly.

We will be glad to provide you with a quote on your project, whether it's doing the work for you or teaching you how to do it yourself. No project is too big or too small.

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